"We are always a work in progress…always dancing…" – Shonda Rimes

If each moment only happens once…at any given moment, where are you? What is your resonance? What is in the wake of your interactions? Are you present?

Becoming an Executive Performing Artist® allows us to engage fresh perceptions. Accessing our aesthetic sensibilities expands our capacity to be aware of ourselves, others and the world around us. As a result, it feeds creativity and innovation while keeping pace with rapidly changing business environments.

Our habits of attention become clearer and immediate, so what we notice becomes more relevant and productive. Our conversations become provocative and insightful. Our state of mind becomes clear.

Leading in this manner infuses consciousness into the flow of our lives and our work.

Leading in this manner energizes you, your team, and your organization.

  • "The value of this coaching has not only improved performance but also the impact on other employees…it is insightful, intelligent and unflinchingly honest. Goodwin Associates provides measurable value to a company…" – Whirlpool Corporation
  • "Mustang appreciates your keen intuition and insight and the value it has brought to our company…guiding us to move the company into the future by the 'power of creation'…helping us communicate the company's values, vision, and deep-rooted purpose that will guide long-range thinking as well as the day-to-day…coupled with…an increased mindset of lasting relationships and the business impact of these relationships for the company, clients, and community." – Mustang Engineering, L.P.
  • "Fulfilling potential, partnering in thought, managing up to leadership, removing barriers: these are the results…the advice and counseling were nothing short of inspirational…" – SAP America, Inc.
  • "Working with Goodwin Associates has allowed me to unleash and take advantage of inner potential previously unknown to me. Learning to focus, be totally present, looking at things from a perspective other than my own, realizing that asking the right questions is more powerful that knowing the right answers, and that communication/connection are the key components to positive working/personal relationships are just a few of the things that have widened the door to success and results." – Sue Inman, Mony/An AXA Financial Company
  • "Constance Goodwin is an executive coach who is business-savy, a great communicator, and knows how to help leaders create breakthrough strategies that lead to extraordinary results." – Voicestream Wireless
  • "Constance Goodwin provides an authentic experience through her extraordinary energy and communication and coaching skills. The intrinsic value is the vital transformation and shift that occurs in leaders and teams. Her approach and candor liberate the deepest desires and aspirations to excellence in all of us." – Valeria Maltoni, Coordinator, Fast Company Readers Group, Philadelphia